Heiyo iPad Stylus Pens-Active Capacitive Digital Pencil


Product Specification:

Tip Diameter:2.6 mm

Length:14.4 CM

Charging Time:4 hours

Continuous Use:40 hours

Standby:30 days

Feature of Indicator LED:

Blue-Means power on and battery power is in normal status.

Green-Means power is charging,the green light goes out when power is full.

Red-Means power supply is low and need to be charged,but it still can be used for 3 hours.

None-Means power off.

How to power on:

Step 1: Press the button to power on. Step 2: Check the LED to make sure the status.

Step 3: Don’t press the button again to power off, it will power off automatically after the stylus pen move out the touchscreen.

Tip: Different materials of the screen protectors have different writing experience. In order to give you the best writing writing experience, we suggest that you’d better not use this pen for the iPad with screen protector.

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✅EXCELLENT SENSITIVITY: Amber stylus can offer you smooth writing experience as a real pen. No break point, no any offset and no lag. No need for bluetooth connection, just press the button to let it power on then you can use it directly. Passed FCC Certification.
•✅POWER-SAVING FEATURE: The 13g chargeable active pen with a mirco USB cable supports 30-day standby time and 40-hour playing time only for 4-hour charging time, auto power-off after 120 seconds when the pen move out the touchscreen.
•✅REPLACEABLE RUBBER TIPS: The fine point styli comes with 3 rubber-made tips so that protect your iPad screen from being scratched and without any noise when writing,every pen tip can be wrote for 790000 inches.
•✅PROFESSIONAL DESIGN:Simple and stylish digital pen can be used for hand writing, drawing, marking, signing and making notes anytime and anywhere by artists, architects, officers, teachers, students and children.
•✅WIDE COMPATIBILITY: The digital styli is 100% compatible with iPad/iPad 2/New iPad 3/iPad 4/iPad Air/iPad Air 2/iPad Mini/iPad Mini 2/iPad Mini 3/iPad Mini 4/iPad 2017. LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE!


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