How to Maintain Your Singing Voice

Whether you sing professionally or just for fun, if singing is an important part of your life then you need to take care of your singing voice. If you want to learn how to properly take care of your vocal cords you would do yourself a favor by getting professional singing lessons.

It’s important to take care of your vocal cords. If you are ever in a situation where your vocal cords are strained and you apply force to try and sing better, you could permanently damage your vocal cords. So, if your singing voice doesn’t seem right, don’t stress it by overcompensating with bad habits that could further exacerbate whatever’s wrong in the first place.

Learning to sing better is about developing good and healthy habits from the beginning. The problem is, for most new singers, they don’t know what is considered a good or bad habit. That is why it’s highly recommended to get singing lessons. Below are some examples of the types of situations that can negatively effect your vocal cords so, you want to try and avoid these:

1) Screaming or talking overly loud.

2) Try to stay hydrated as much as possible. By drinking plenty of water, you keep your body and larynx “lubricated”.

3) Staying healthy and fit, in general, is great for your voice because if your body is well-balanced, most likely so will your vocal cords.

4) If you smoke, try and quit.

There are many more reasons to stay healthy but by doing so, you improve your chances of having a healthy larynx, vocal cords, and overall singing voice.


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